Lingering Pathogens (1970)


Course Description

Lingering pathogens are a common and often unrecognized cause of persistent, baffling and often debilitating health problems. This course is designed to provide an analytical framework to assess and manage disorders associated with “lingering pathogens” as defined by Chinese medicine. These disorders are characterized by persistent illness or morbidity subsequent to an acute infectious process that was unresolved, poorly managed or occurred in an individual without the resources to throw it off. Lingering pathogens are quite common in clinical practice, and their manifestations range from the mild – persistent cough, sleeplessness, fevers and so on, in the aftermath of a cold or flu – to the severe in which a pathogen may last for months or years and contribute to health conditions that may be diagnosed as autoimmune. We will start with a look at the history and analytical models and their development over the centuries (including the Shang Han Lun, Wen Bing, concepts of gu syndrome and so on) and the techniques developed for treatment, then progress to a close look at etiology and common clinical patterns and their management. Case histories will be used to illustrate treatment strategy.

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  • NCCAOM: Approved for 9 PDAs. Provider #683 in AOM-BIO/AOM-OM.
  • California Acupuncture Board: Approved for 9 CEUs. Provider #680 in Category 1.

About the Instructor

William Maclean, M.Sc Chin.Med. is an internationally renowned practitioner, teacher and author from Australia, with more than 30 years of clinical experience in the field of Chinese medicine. Will teaches in the Masters programs at the University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney, and lectures to students and practitioners around the world. In addition to his long years in practice, Will is the author (with Jane Lyttleton) of the Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine series Volumes 1, 2 and 3, the Clinical Manual of Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines, and the Clinical Handbook of Chinese Herbs: Desk Reference. His most recent publication, Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine: 2nd Edition – Maclean, Lyttleton, Bayley & Taylor is now available and consolidates Volumes 1, 2, and 3 into a single book.


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California CEUs: 9 NCCAOM CEUs: 9

  • Course Instructions
  • Course Video 1: What are Lingering Pathogens
  • Course Video 2: Where can lingering pathogens hide in the body
  • Course Video 3: Common Patterns
  • Course Video 4: Ying Level
  • Lingering Pathogens Course Worksheet
  • Lingering Pathogens Final Assessment
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  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever