About Our Instructors

Susan Johnson, L.Ac.

Susan Johnson has been studying acupuncture since 1982. A graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Susan practiced in San Francisco from 1983-88, specializing in the treatment of HIV. She studied Master Tung's Magic Points with Dr. Miriam Lee and Dr. Young Wei Chieh, Ph.D. for more than 12 years and has used them nearly exclusively in her practice for thirty years. In addition to acupuncture, Susan's practice incorporates all types of TCM techniques including cupping, bleeding, moxa, and qi gong and she shares her knowledge through live seminars and instructional videos. Susan is a dynamic teacher renowned for her clear presentation of acupuncture and TCM methods.

Susan's Courses:

  • LIVE March 18-19, 2023: Best of Master Tung's Magic Points
  • LIVE April 15, 2023: Ancient Art of Cupping
  • LIVE April 16, 2023: Ancient Art of Bleeding
  • Ancient Art of Cupping (Pre-Recorded)
  • Best of Master Tung's Magic Points 2-day (Pre-Recorded)
  • Best of Master Tung's Magic Points Expanded 3-day (Pre-Recorded)
  • In Depth Master Tung's Magic Point 4-day (Pre-Recorded)